Waddesdon sponsored ride 29 April 2007

Jemma with her rosetteLast year we were booked and ready to go on the Waddesdon Manor ride but unfortunatly Moises was unable to go because he was injured. The Rotary Club that organise the event contacted us to ask if we wanted to go this year and we leaped at the chance!

Nadia raised over £110 pounds and I around £40 for WheelPower a charity at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

Pictures of the event below and to the right, Jemma with her rossette for completing the 11 miles. More on the event see my blog.

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Images taken by SF Digital - Photography and used here with permission.
WheelPower - British Wheelchair Sport
Waddesdon Manor

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Nadia and I passing some jumps
Nadia and I passing some jumps, Jemma trying
very hard to get me to take her over them!

Cantering up the hill
Cantering up the hill - Nadia wondering
if I'm still alive!

Nadia and Moises
Nadia and Moises, smiling at the camera!

I think that's a smile
I think that's a smile!!! It is on Jemma's face,
it's fair to say she was still very happy at
this point!

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