Our Spring watch 2009

WoodpeckerNot content with watching Chris, Kate and the team on the BBC Nadia and I decided to embark on our own version of Springwatch. The original plan was to just watch the hundreds of birds that have made our garden a cross between home and a bird version of Tesco. However as you'll see from below - things didn't end up like that!

The first set of images are indeed of a few birds, a great spotted woodpecker to be exact. Thought we'd lost him when I found a dead one by the stable which had flown into the wall. However, either our family had two or the one that didn't make it was from another nest as ours is back! See the bird pictures.

To add to the 'family' we also have a Muntjac deer family in the garden. The female leaves Muntjac fawnthe fawn hidden in some bushes while she goes out for feed. Some mornings we wake up to find the male and female asleep on the lawn!!! The pictures here aren't great as I've had problems getting the camera settings correct and not disturbing the family. See the deer pictures

More pictures