Past creations - Leicester Mercury

Leicester Mercury Internet Services logo - Copyright Leicester MercuryThis section of the site will list as many of the sites that I either created or worked on while at the Mercury. During my time at the Mercury I worked with a number of other developers and I will try to ensure that their contributions are credited. These developers include: Mark Mahabir, Duncan Godwin, Gavin Brook and Nik Louch.

The Leicester Mercury website was originally called 'Gateway to Leicestershire' and was located at but in 1998 became 'This is Leicestershire'.

Project example, in no particular order:

If I find any others I will put them live as well. there are a number of smaller sites that I've not bothered with as some were just one pages sites. The ones above are either large sites or ones that developed over time. Some that are missing that I can't find backups of include Midlands Co-op, Gayton Graham and NW Leicester District Council. I've not added the Frank Innes site as I know Kam's design was so 'cutting edge' it looks great even now!!!

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